[jcifs] FW: NTLM Authentication with jCIFS in Cactus

mike.raath at barclayscapital.com mike.raath at barclayscapital.com
Thu Apr 15 15:46:37 GMT 2004

> Apologies for contacting you directly but as you are the authors of jCIFS
> class I thought you might have some ideas about something that's giving me
> a lot of grief.
> I use jCIFS to provide NTLM authentication in an application I'm writing -
> strictly all I need NTLM for is to provide the NT user name of the user -
> this is for a corporate intranet app.
> As NTLM involves a 3-way negotiation this is all handled behind the scenes
> by jCIFS/the browser. However, Cactus does not do the same negotiation. I
> have tried to write my own NTLMAuthentication along the lines of Cactus'
> BasicAuthentication class but have discovered that I can't do it because
> of the challenge key generated by the server. As a result I can't run any
> tests with the jCIFS filter active.
> Do you have any ideas on how I can get Cactus to interact with jCIFS and
> overcome this?
> Mike Raath
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