[jcifs] Unverifiable Signature when using SmbFileInputStreaminWin2k3

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Fri Apr 2 17:58:49 GMT 2004

Gary Rambo said:
> I'm seeing similar behavior: the computed signature doesn't match the
> signature in the NT Create AndX Response packet. If I ignore the signature
> verification failure and continue, each subsequent Read AndX response
> signature also fails to match the computed signature, except for the
> closing (zero-byte) Read AndX response signature, which does match the
> computed value.

What do you mean exactly by "doesn't match"? Do you just mean the
signature fails? I don't see how you could know what the server computed
for the NT Create AndX Response packet. Are you saying you've found a
discrepency? When I explored this problem I reduced the inputs so that I
was only reading and writing a few known bytes (e.g. 20 'x') and verified
the signatures manually for everything. I only did it once though. I could
add a delay at strategic points and get it to reproducibly succeed or fail
on the same message depending on the where the delay was.

Also, did I hear Michael correctly that traffic to the server from a
*different* host can cause signature varification failure? That's a
troubling twist. Did you get a capture on the server for that one? Can I
see it?


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