[jcifs] JCIFS work with WIN 2000 domain server

Sandip Chattopadhya sandip at enkoo.com
Thu Oct 30 17:59:47 EST 2003

Thanks for the information.

Is there a way to turn ON or OFF NetBIOS compatibility
in a Win2K domain server with Active Directory ?


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> Does JCIFS work in a WIN 2000 domain server
> network ? Does it work with Active Directory,
> DNS, etc.
> We cannot get JCIFS to browse and get the
> domain and list of computers in the WIN2K domain
> server environment.
> Are there any special settings in JCIFS to make
> this work ?

Currently jCIFS only works with NetBIOS over TCP/IP hosts. If you are
using Win2K/WinXP and AD without NetBIOS campatability it will not work.


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