[jcifs] How DFS works in jCIFS

Gary Rambo c-grambo at aventail.com
Tue Oct 21 05:06:54 EST 2003


Good news! When will the jcifs jar with Dfs be posted?



Michael B Allen wrote:

>After much thinking and a little codeing I've narrowed down how DFS will
>work in jCIFS (indeed it works like this right now):
>As it is, all requests are funneled through SmbFile.send(). This is were
>most of the work occurs (see code below). When a request is sent, we
>a loop, connect0, and check to see if the tree is "inDfs" (bit 2 of
>OptionalSupport field in SMB_COM_TREE_CONNECT_ANDX response). If it's
>it's business as usual. If it is, we try to lookup an existing referral
>which initially will not be found so we send the existing request as is.
>If this generates a STATUS_PATH_NOT_COVERED error (actually ERRreserved
>for us since jCIFS uses DOS error codes) in the transport layer, we do
>TRANS2_GET_DFS_REFERRAL, and throw a DfsReferral Exception which
>the referral information. SmbTree.send() catches it, adds it to the list
>of referrals, and then re-throws it. This is caught again in
>SmbFile.send() which escapes the break statement and we loop around.
>time the lookupReferral call will succeed in matching the referral path
>the beginning of the unc path. The returned DfsReferral is used to
>the underlying SmbTree associated with this SmbFile and we also graft
>referral information together to come up with a new UNC path. Recall
>SmbFiles are immutable so there should they should not emit any
>that the underlying tree, session, transport, or whatever has been
>switched out from under their feet. I expect a few nik-naks to pop-up
>this fact but so far it's working. Then we send the request again which
>should succeed unless that tree is also in DFS in which case we loop
>again. Subsequent requests will successfully lookup previous
>a path is fully resolved when inDfs == false, and the unc and tree
>are inherited by derived SmbFiles so I think this is about as optimal as
>it gets.
>    void send( ServerMessageBlock request,
>                    ServerMessageBlock response ) throws SmbException {
>        for( ;; ) {
>            connect0();
>            if( tree.inDfs ) {
>                DfsReferral dr = tree.lookupReferral( unc );
>                if( dr != null ) {
>                    tree = dr.tree;
>                    unc = request.path = dr.nodepath + unc.substring(
>dr.path.length() );
>                }
>            }
>            try {
>                tree.send( request, response );
>                break;
>            } catch( DfsReferral dr ) {
>            }
>        }
>    }
>Incedentally there is a DFS bug in Samba 2.2.7 at least (bug 588). It
>not *initially* resolve DFS paths that exceed one subdirectory. After
>successfully triggering the STATUS_PATH_NOT_COVERED/ERRreserved deep
>are resolved properly.

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