[jcifs] Has anybody else seen problems with file names that start with a dot?

Marc Savereux marc.savereux at rogers.com
Wed Nov 5 14:13:39 EST 2003

When using jcifs-0.7.14.jar and using the list() and listFiles() methods I noticed that the files that start with a dot are not treated the same.

With an actual file name of ".profile" without the double quotes, building a directory listing using the list() method will retain the dot as the first character of the file name, however, building a directory listing via the listFiles() method will result in the dot being substituted by a space.

list() -> ".profile"
listFiles() -> " profile"

However, I am able to create files that start with a dot via the jcifs libraries on file systems other than FAT and FAT32.

I'm just wondering if anybody else has encountered a problem like mine when comparing the result sets of an array of strings built via list() and an array of SmbFile objects via listFiles()?

I would think that the listFiles() behaviour I am seeing with files that start with a dot is not intended behaviour.

Marc Savereux
marc.savereux at xaro.com
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