[jcifs] Hidden Files from listFiles()?

eglass1 at comcast.net eglass1 at comcast.net
Wed Nov 5 05:29:01 EST 2003

> > I would tend toward leaving hidden files hidden.  Even in Unix you have to
> > specifically ask to see the hidden files.  My gut reaction is that this is
> > the path of least surprise.
> Ok, well I could go either way with this and it's trivial to do it either
> way. One more opinion would close the issue...

I would lean toward not listing hidden files unless you request them.  Which
behaviour is backward compatible again?  i.e. does a plain smbfile.listFiles()
include hidden files currently, or no?  This might be a Davenport bug, as it
just does listFiles (it can handle hidden files properly, but I'm not sure it
will end up getting any).


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