[jcifs] davenport and windows 9x web folders,mac os xx

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Sat Jun 28 12:36:57 EST 2003

On Fri, 27 Jun 2003, Eric wrote:

> > Next I tried to connect via windows 95 web folders.  I could read files
> > off a share without any problems.  I seemed to be able to delete files
> > as well without any hangups.  When I tried to copy files to the share, I
> > would frequently get the error message "An error occurred copying some
> > or all of the selected files".  Sometimes I could get a successful copy,
> > but not consistently.
> > 
> I will investigate this first chance I get; I haven't (personally) seen 
> any issues with Win9x boxes, but there could very well be.  Most of the 
> testing has been done against Win2k (since that's what I have ready 
> access to).  As an aside, I don't know if Davenport is really on topic 
> for the jCIFS list -- I'll defer to Mike on that.

Davenport is definately on-topic on the jCIFS mailing list. A web based
front-end to jCIFS is ideal and I'd like to see it developed to it's
greatest potential. I'm willing to extend jCIFS to support everything
Shawn has described.

> > Next I tried connecting to a share via Mac OS X's webdav support.  I
> > connected to the share without any problems.  I could read files on the
> > share without a hitch.  When I tried to copy files though, I was told
> > that the share was read only.  I started looking around for the reason
> > and found reference to their existing atleast two classes of webdav
> > servers, class 1 that optionally support locking and class 2 that
> > provides either shared and/or exclusive locking.  According to the
> > webdav rfc, locking is an optional feature that must be negotiated by a
> > mechanism described in the rfc.  So it appears for some reason that
> > davenport is considered to be a class 1 webdav server and Mac OS X does
> > not permit writing to a class 1 webdav server since their is no
> > guarantee of proper locking support.  
> > 
> > Has anyone else encountered these issues in windows 9x web folders or in
> > Mac OS X?
> > 
> > Is davenport a class 1 webdav server?
> Currently, Davenport is a WebDAV Level 1 server -- locking was going to 
> be a pain to implement, and it seemed to work pretty well without it.  I 

Did you consider that jCIFS would provide the actual locking
mechanism? The interface is not very sophisticated (see
SmbFile.FILE_NO_SHARE) but might be enhanced to better support WebDAV
locking semantics.


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