[jcifs] Is there a simple C library for the NTLMSSP?

dave mobley scprotz at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 16 13:44:42 EST 2003

I don't know that using the windows library would work (if it did, someone 
would have done this already).

I'm trying to create a DSAPI filter (authentication filter) for the Domino 
web server so that it can handle authentication via Internet Explorer 

I have worked with the jcifs library (and read through the java code) and 
understand 'how it works', i am now at the tedious part where, without 
finding a suitable C version, I have to port the java code back to C (which 
I don't think will be all that exciting).

If you have any suggestions on windows libraries that can do something like 
this already, i'd be more than happy to look them up (I just don't know of 


dave mobley
scprotz at hotmail.com

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> > I have actually started work on such a thing (I need it for a DLL to 
> > authentication for users).
> >
>	Do you mean a windows dll? If you're using windows, why not just use their
>	authentication library functions?
> > p.s. If no one has time, would anyone be available for C questions/code
> > review from time to time? (always helps to have a second set of eyes :)
> >
>	Well I'm pretty good with C and I know the NTLM process so I suppose
>	it's possible I might be qualified to critisize your code :~) Don't send 
>	an archive though. Just inline the relevant part in the e-mail for
>	immediate digestion.
>	Mike

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