[jcifs] Why would auth work on one server and not on another?

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Fri Jul 11 15:38:56 EST 2003

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> From:	Dave Mobley [SMTP:scprotz at hotmail.com]
> 3.  (THIS IS A BIG ONE) Mozilla REALLY REALLY wants to try to authenticate
> with my servlet (even though it isn't the nice automatic NTLM - it requires
> me to enter my credentials) on Domino (and even does the full handshake, but
> jcifs uses the "UnicodeLittleUnmarked" encoding, which Domino's JDK (its an
> old 1.1)  doesn't understand.
> Any suggestions on a 1.1 substitute for "UnicodeLittleUnmarked"? (Or will I
> have to write some sort of byte converter, and then convert it to a String
> with another encoder that is much more jdk1.1. friendly)?
	Well since Java strings are already Unicode it's just a matter of converting each
	char into a two byte sequence so this should do it. Just replace each call
	str.getBytes( "UnicodeLittleUnmarked" ) with UnicodeVeryLittle.getBytes( str ).


	package jcifs.smb;

	public class UnicodeVeryLittle {

	    static byte[] getBytes( String str ) { 
	        char[] input = str.toCharArray();
	        byte[] output = new byte[input.length * 2];
	        int i, o;

	        o = 0;
	        for (i = 0; i < input.length; i++) {
	            ServerMessageBlock.writeInt2( input[i] & 0xFFFFL, output, o );
	            o += 2;

	        return output; 

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