[jcifs] Http NTLM authenticating everyone

Michael B. Allen miallen at eskimo.com
Fri Jan 24 21:47:31 EST 2003

On Fri, 24 Jan 2003 13:27:38 +0530
"Rupesh Kumar" <rupesh.kumar at blr.techspan.com> wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> I think the filter is working because it correctly displays my NT-domain
> username. As far as I know, the filter sets up a challenge response with
> MSIE and gets the domain, username and a password hash from it. After which
> it calls SmbSession.logon(). I think there is something wrong with the logon
> part because even when I enter a dummy username the filter lets the user
> into the system.

Is it possible then that you are entering a correct domain\username
and password and *then* enter a bogus password? The smb client caches
sessions for the jcifs.smb.client.soTimeout period. Once you enter good
creds futher calls to logon() with a bogus password are no-ops.

Otherwise I'm not sure what the problem is. You would have to get a
packet trace, show us your filter config, and tell us about your
authentication scheme (e.g. NT clients w/ PDC?).

This feature is somewhat new so it's possible there is a flaw somewhere
but I'm pretty certain that people have managed to get it to work


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