[jcifs] Http NTLM authenticating everyone

Rupesh Kumar rupesh.kumar at blr.techspan.com
Fri Jan 24 18:57:38 EST 2003

Hi Mike,
I think the filter is working because it correctly displays my NT-domain
username. As far as I know, the filter sets up a challenge response with
MSIE and gets the domain, username and a password hash from it. After which
it calls SmbSession.logon(). I think there is something wrong with the logon
part because even when I enter a dummy username the filter lets the user
into the system.


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> On Thu, 23 Jan 2003 20:36:50 +0530
> Rupesh Kumar <rupesh.kumar at blr.techspan.com> wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I was trying out the NtlmHttpAuthExample servlet. I set the Security
> > for MSIE to "prompt for username and password". Now even when I enter a
> > dummy username and password the NtlmHttpFilter authenticates and I can
> > the generated page. The page says "dom1\<dummy user> successfully logged
> > in".
> > I am running MSIE 6 on Windows XP. Am I missing something?
> Is it possible that the filter is not properly installed? If it is not,
> natrually the servlet will be invoked. The NtlmHttpAuthExample is not
> very sophisticated about handling this condition. See the NTLM HTTP
> documentation. It talks about this.
> Mike
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