[jcifs] System requirements

Eric eglass1 at attbi.com
Sun Jan 19 04:23:12 EST 2003

Michael B. Allen wrote:
> On Fri, 17 Jan 2003 15:59:49 -0800
> Brad_Fiske at Countrywide.Com wrote:
>>I can get the NTLM HTTP Authentication Example to work and the have code 
>>working using NtlmPasswordAuthentication on W2K machine - 
>>but when I try to get it to work on Windows95 box with IEv5.0 it doesn't 
>>finish the connection.  Should this work on the W95-IE5.0 configuration?
> Is the Win9x machine "logged in" to the domain? Obviously central
> authentication will not work if they are not logging in against a central
> password database. Just making sure!
> Otherwise, at one point I think I had Win98 with IE 4.0 working with
> hardcoded credentials. I have never tried it with Win9x "logged in" to
> a domain. Win9x cannot really join the domain. They simulate it. But in
> theory it should still work.  We've had another report that it didn't work
> with Win95. Not sure what IE their using. I'll try it with my setup but
> if it works with me then we're going to need a lot more detail. Meaning
> Ethereal or NetMon packet captures.
> Mike

Try going into Tools->Internet Options in IE, then on the Security tab 
look at the settings.  At the bottom of the list, under "User 
Authentication", a) make sure "Anonymous Logon" isn't selected, and then 
  b) select "Prompt for Username and Password".  This will force IE to 
prompt you instead of doing passthrough, which makes debugging a little 
easier.  You should get a prompt for domain, username, and password. 
See if it you can log in via manual authentication; if so, and it 
doesn't work with the single-signon settings, it may be an issue with 
the domain logon simulation used by win95 boxes.  We have a similar 
environment (some win95 boxes that are "logging in" to an NT domain), 
and sometimes encountered issues similar to what you are describing. 
That was with an IIS server, though, rather than jCIFS, but it did seem 
to be a client issue.


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