[jcifs] share name length,

Caldarale, Charles R Chuck.Caldarale at UNISYS.com
Sat Feb 8 01:34:56 EST 2003

> From: Christopher R. Hertel [mailto:crh at ubiqx.mn.org]
> Subject: Re: [jcifs] share name length,
> That is only a query limit, though (at least I think so).

Long names are effective on our Win2K and beyond Windows clients when
accessing CIFS servers on similar boxes and our mainframes. This is all
running port 445; have not tried it on 139. Older levels of Windows clients
did have problems with names longer than 12 (not 13) characters. Don't
remember if that was a 98 or an NT problem, and I have no idea which service

(Note that none of the above was using jCIFS.)

 - Chuck

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