[jcifs] RE: NetBIOS adapter status request

Michael B. Allen miallen at eskimo.com
Tue Feb 4 07:55:10 EST 2003

On Mon, 3 Feb 2003 08:27:33 -0500 
"Glass, Eric" <eric.glass at capitalone.com> wrote:

> That kind of confused me as well -- I specified the hostname, and it was
> able to do some sort of lookup to get the IP.  I specified "WINS" as the
> only resolution method for jCIFS, and we don't have DNS entries for these
> boxes.  It seems to have found the IP address (I'm guessing via the first
> method listed above), but fails to connect.

Well if you specify WINS then it will get the IP from WINS.

> Attached is the test program I was using (nbttest.java), along with some
> sample output.
> nbttest1.txt is the output when run against a host NOT running the "Server"
> service (it fails).
> nbtstat1.txt is the output of nbtstat -a for the same host ("nbtstat -a
> TEST1").
> nbttest2.txt is the output when run against a host that IS running the
> "Server" service (it succeeds).
> nbtstat2.txt is the output of nbtstat -a for that host ("nbtstat -a TEST2").
> Both boxes are Windows 2000.

I really need a pcap or at least a -Dlog=ALL dump. I'd need to see both
a capture of it working with nbtstat and one of jcifs failing on the
same target. Otherwise we're just needlessly guessing.

If I have to guess I would say there is a bug in jCIFS or a property
is triggering jCIFS to look for a <20> entry at some point.  If you
query by IP (nbttest does it work? Also try taking out
the jcifs.netbios.wins property.

I'll look for such a host on my WAN and try to reproduce the issue.


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