[jcifs] Problems with SmbOutputFileStream.write() to a NetWare-Server

Rudi Synoradzki RSynoradzki at gmx.net
Wed Dec 3 14:25:27 GMT 2003

I am running jCifs against a NetWare 6 SP3 Server running NFAP/CIFS. I get an 
error [ERRSRV/64] when trying to write into a file on a CIFS-Share on my 
server, although the file is being created (with 0 bytes). 

What I've tested:

file=new SmbFileOutputStream...
does not return an error

file=new SmbFileOutputStream...
does return an error

So definitively the write fails. Creation and closing the file works. When 
using smbFile.exist() or smbFile.canWrite() against the file after it was 
created by SmbOutputFileStream(), I get "true" also.

The code I use:

// wFile contains the url (without smb:)
// wValue is a string to write into wFile

// To access the file when using a SmbFile-
// Object for definition of SmbOutputFileStream
 try {
       share = new SmbFile("smb:"+wFile);
 } catch (IOException e0) {
        return (e0.getMessage()); 
// To write into the file,  both definitions for
// the SmbFileOutputStream fail with SRVERR/64
 try {

      // using URL:
       file = new SmbFileOutputStream("smb:"+wFile);
      // using SmbFile: 
      // file = new SmbFileOutputStream(share);

       file.write(wValue.getBytes()); // Will get no error if commented out

 } catch (Exception e1) {
	return (e1.getMessage()); // Which is SRVERR/64 after the write

// Then close the file
 try {
 } catch (Exception e2) {
	return (e2.getMessage());

I'd be happy, if someone could help me

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