[jcifs] Re: Can't grab browse list using 0.7.3.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Fri Apr 4 05:37:26 EST 2003

Mail has been arriving out of sequence, so I don't know whether the
message to which I am responding was sent before or after your other
message indicating that you had found the problem...

On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 06:53:06PM -0500, Allen, Michael B (RSCH) wrote:
> Do you have OMEGA in your hosts file? Where is it getting that? What
> example/arguments are you using?

Should have specified.  Sorry.  All caught up in the analysis...

I ran smbclient like this:  smbclient -L omega -N

I did that simply to show that node omega had a copy of the browse list 
and that the NetServerEnum2 was working.

I used the List.java utility in jCIFS, as follows:

  java List smb://ubiqx/

where 'ubiqx' is my workgroup.

Currently, the LMB on my home network is a Samba server.  Samba ignores 
the CALLED NAME, so everything works:

$ java List smb://      
1 files in 188ms
$ java List smb://ubiqx/
4 files in 186ms

Windows, however, is pickey about the CALLED NAME and will reject a
connection attempt for the wrong name.  (I think Windows is correct here.)

To answer your specific questions...

> Do you have OMEGA in your hosts file?


> Where is it getting that?

I think you're asking where smbclient is getting the CALLED NAME...

According to the documentation, the -L parameter is supposed to be a 
NetBIOS name.  It looks from the trace as though smbclient is *not* trying 
an NBT lookup first (the first two packets are from another node so they 
don't count).  My guess (and I know that this is an area of some 
fiddlement) is that in this case smbclient resolved the name using either 
the hosts file or the DNS, but it then used the name as the CALLED NAME.

> What example/arguments are you using?

As shown above...

Let me know if I've missed anything.

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