[jcifs] Talking to the WinPopup service.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Sun Sep 22 08:11:40 EST 2002

The WinPopup or "Messenger Service" speaks SMB (a subset) but registers a
NetBIOS name with a suffix value of <03>.  That means that the default
value of <20> is not always the right value.

I am wondering if/how this should be supported in the SMB URL and by

It seems to me that WinPopup doesn't really mesh with the SMB URL, since 
the only thing you can do is send to it.  An application would probably 
ask for the username or machine name (both are possible) of the recipient 
and add the <03> itself.

The smbclient tool can send WinPopup messages, or the 'net send' under 
W/NT and its ilk.  The behavior of this service is a little wierd.  You 
can send to a specific machine or username and it goes to either 
machine<03> or username<03> (TCP/139).  If you send to a workgroup/domain 
name, then mailslot protocol is used over UDP port 138.

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