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sharath reddy sharathreddy at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 15 08:11:40 EST 2002


I've been using Samba for a while now, and recently
got interested in the Samba internals. When I posted a
question on samba-technical, Chris directed me to the
jCIFS project. 

I have browsed through the SNIA doc, and am reasonably
familiar with the CIFS protocol. I've looked 
at the source code for jCIFS, and was impressed...its
very OO and the framework can be easily extended.   

I would like to get involved and contribute to the
project, but am not sure how. I'm primarily a Java
programmer right now, and also do some Perl scripting.
 If there is something specific I can work on, I would
love to do that. Otherwise I was thinking of looking
at creating a framework for DCE/RPC calls. I've looked
at the network traces generated by Samba's rpcclient,
and read the DCE/RPC book by Luke Leighton. Is that
something people would be interested in?


Sharath Reddy
Cell : 512 689 4360

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