[jcifs] Quick question

Scott Francis scott.francis at newisys.com
Sat Nov 23 06:52:15 EST 2002

New to the list and using jCIFS.  Looked over the javadoc stuff so I think I already found my answer (being no), but wanted to throw this out to the group first.  Question:  Is there a way to find and change ownership of a file using jCIFS.

Basically I have a process that runs as a generic windows user when called via a sockets connection from joe.user in a UNIX environment.  When the windows process is finishing I'd like to be able to chown the file ownership of the files created/modified (which are physically living on a Linux box...but mounted via Samba as a windows Networked drive) back to the user who is calling the process.

Any clues on this one?  I'm not seeing any methods corresponding to this type of functionality so I'm doubting that it is possible under the current implementation.

Thanks for any answers regardless.

Scott Francis

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