[jcifs] 0.7.0 release schedule

Matthew Tippett matthew.tippett at sympatico.ca
Sat Nov 23 00:21:42 EST 2002

This comes down to more of an education issue.

Find out what there concerns about beta software.  Most likely  their 
primary concerns would be the lack of support and the tag beta is 
associated with untested code.  This is true with tradition proprietary 
code, but...

	o Michael does more than a valiant effort of support.  Turnaround time 
within days.
	o Michael is stubbornly waiting until there are no known bugs before he 
*NAMES* it 0.7.0.  This is a good thing becuase of integrity, but the 
contrast to proprietary systems is more of a 'we will go ahead with 
these known bugs'.

Be careful about painting all applications with the same brush.  Version 
names are purely a tag that represents the business' view of what state 
the application is.  Michael could just as easily name it JCIFS-20021120 
without the beta tag and that would make no difference to the quality of 
the usability of the code.

Most proprietary code ships with bugs, Michael is holding back shipping 
(or naming) 0.7.0 until he has no *KNOWN* bugs.

Matt 'Has gone through naming games too many times' Tippett

ivo.vdmaagdenberg at pandora.be wrote:
> hi, 
> i am employing the jcifs-0.7.0b8 to do NTLM-authentication of users on our
> domaincontroller from within a j2ee container (tomcat 4.0.4). i works,
> which is great altogether! 
> but, since the jcifs 0.7.0 package is in beta i looked on the jcifs
> website to find out when the release date could be for 0.7.0.: not found.
> the point is that my boss, sysadmins and me too don't really like to
> employ beta version software in a production environment.

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