[jcifs] Need some suggestions on the problem I am facing...

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Fri May 24 09:16:54 EST 2002

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> Subject:	RE: [jcifs] Need some suggestions on the problem I am facing...
> > > Hi all,
> > > 	I am new to the list..  So far I have found jcifs to be a
> > great tool to
> > > integrate within the many tools that I maintain and work with
> > on multiple
> > > platforms...  However, in the process of integrating the jcifs
> > URL handler
> >
> > Be careful with terminology. There is an SMB URL protocol handler
> > used with
> > java.net.URL  and  then there's SmbFile and SmbXxxputStreams. I
> > suspect you
> > are not using the "URL handler".
> >
> Within the JDeveloper extension api there is a set of hooks that are
> required to be implemented to enable the "smb" protocol within the file
> select dialog, etc... I have been successful with traversing the "smb://"
> links under hotspot so this is something with the VM.
> As of right now, I have written about 50 or so lines of code that just
> wrapper existing functionality of jcifs to wire it up within JDeveloper.
> Also, I am part of the JDeveloper team.  I have forwarded on the stacktrace
> and how to reproduce to our VM team so they can attempt to fix this for the
> next public version of JDeveloper.
> I am interested in sending over the extension source to the jcifs team for
> integration with the binary/source distribution.  Where should I start on
> that process?
	Well, you could just post your code. This is after all a 'Free software' project.
	But if the code is specific to Oracle's JDeveloper environment I think I would
	rather you maintain it separately. If it needs to be in our tree because of
	package protection or something like that then we can talk about it.

> Mike

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