[jcifs] Problem connecting to NetWare

Michael B. Allen miallen at eskimo.com
Mon May 20 05:29:12 EST 2002

On Sun, 19 May 2002 11:06:44 -0500
"Tony Thompson" <tony.thompson at stone-ware.com> wrote:

> I zipped the file.  It should be attached.  I did not pull it through the SMB server.

0000140   t       o   n       U   N   I   X   ,       s   m   b   f   s
0000150       o   n       L   i   n   u   x   ,       a   n   d       e
0000160   l   s   e   w   h   e   r   e   .  \r  \n   ` <--- 0x60 Backtick

Mmmm. There's a 0x60 reverse quote chacter appended. That's very odd. And
not good. I don't know spit about Netware. It could be a bug in Netware
that's only been exposed with jCIFS. Can you do me a big favor and run
this program and send me the data.0 and data.1 files it writes. Just
run it like:

java -Dlog=ALL NetWareWrite smb://admin:testing@

That will create data.0 and data.1 in that directory. Please send the
log too.

The data.1 file is actually one byte shorter. 362 is evenly divisable
by 2. Maybe Netware likes things word aligned.


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