[jcifs] Problem connecting to NetWare

Michael B. Allen miallen at eskimo.com
Sun May 19 13:18:21 EST 2002

On Sat, 18 May 2002 20:59:47 -0500
"Tony Thompson" <tony.thompson at stone-ware.com> wrote:

> Mike,
> Thanks for the fix.  It worked great.


>  I  ran FileOps (with the new JAR) and the results are attached. It looks
> like  a  couple  of things failed (I guess some were supposed to). The file

Yes,  some  are  supposed  to fail. If a test reads 'okay' at the beginning
that's right. If it reads 'fail' something went wrong. 

> length  issue  seems a little strange because the actual length of the file
> is  364.  If you need me to get you any other information, I would be happy
> to. 

But  it's  supposed  to  be  363. It's probably just Netware stores files a
little  differently  (e.g.  with  a  '\0'  at  the  end)  or  something was
{app,prep}ended  during  trasnfer. Can you send me the file? You'll have to
grab it in the middle of the test because the JcifsTestOpsDir get's deleted
before  the test exits. Make sure you transfer it in binary mode. Of course
if  you  pull it back over the SMB server it might take that extra byte out
in which case we won't see what it is but that's still useful in itself.

> fail - length smb://admin:testing@ is
> wrong: 364


May The Source be with you.

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