[jcifs] problem with NbtAddress.getAllByAddress()

ashish ashishn at ntechra.com
Sat May 11 11:13:34 EST 2002

I am just trying to analyze where problem can be. I am using "NbtAddress.getAllByAddress(String)" method, input being the "ip address".
Actually, in one subnet, nbtstat request (through JCIFS) seems to be failing for many windows boxes.
If i do simple "nbtstat -A <ip address>" , it works. What can be possible reason behind it ???

I don't have any log with me. Infact I don't log any exception if "NbtAddress.getAllByAddress() " fails due to some design constraints.
Now everythingz fine if "NbtAddress.getAllByAddress()" throws exception coz I catch it and keep quiet.
But what if "NbtAddress.getAllByAddress()" has failed and it does not throw any exception.
First, is this possible ???? and does it returns NULL anytime.
Actually I made an assumption (quite stupid though !!! ) that if "NbtAddress.getAllByAddress()" succeeds, it will never return NULL and throw an exception if it fails.

Ok, so if it does return NULL, what can be scenario, when this will happen ???


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