[jcifs] Any Support for Encrypted Transactions

andy chernow achernow at yahoo.com
Sun May 5 15:40:31 EST 2002

Hello JCIFS Team,
   I am creating an Java Client Application which
communicates with a Samba server running on RedHat
7.2.  I have configured the Samba Server with SSL.  I
need to have the transactions encrypted.  Is there a
way to get the SmbFileOutputStream and
SmbFileInputStream to communicate with a Samba Server
with SSL?  I did notice the DES class and SmbSession
so I am not sure if the tools are already right under
my fingers.  I am a little lost on how I would do this
with your package.  Any suggestions, directions, links
or samples would be very much appreciated.

I am using jcifs version 0.6.2.

Thank You,
Andrew Chernow
United Storage Technology
achernow at yahoo.com

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