[jcifs] Re: Getting jCIFS to work with NetApp

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Fri Mar 22 12:06:50 EST 2002

Michael B Allen wrote:
> Unfortunately I do not know how to proceed here. I could try asking
> samba-technical but they have never responded to my queries in the
> past. I will probably have to try to contact NetApp but that's probably
> an equally futile exercise; our little Java program just doesn't have
> any market share :~(

Actually, we do have market share and Tridge in particular has been very
supportive.  The problem is that everyone is so freaking busy.  One of the
other aussies told me recently that Tridge is literally months behind
reading his e'mail...including important information that he asked for
himself.  I have to call some of the others on the 'phone just to talk to

Regarding NetApp.  The key is the CIFS conference, I'm afraid.  That's where
all the vendors congregate and test against one another.

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