[jcifs] browsing domains

Bruce Altner baltner at hq.nasa.gov
Fri Mar 22 11:08:31 EST 2002


I have the same code running on two different boxes in two different 
subnets and when I run the code that browses the list of workgroups
I get two different lists. This surprises me since I specified the same 
WINS server via the jcifs properties file. Observing network traces reveals 
that the WINS server is never queried...instead the browse request is 
broadcast and different machines respond within each subnet. In one case it 
is an NT Server and in the other it is a Unix box running Samba. This 
explains why I get two different lists. This even happens when I set 
resolveOrder to WINS...the request is broadcast anyway.

Is this a bug in jcifs or am I missing something?

Network traces can be provided.


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