[jcifs] Re: smb printers with jcifs

Christopher R.Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Sat Jun 15 02:46:35 EST 2002


I looked a packet trace.  I see:

    Available Entries: 6
    Available Shares
        Share HOME
            Share Name: HOME
            Share Type: Directory tree (0)
            Share Comment: User Files
        Share D
            Share Name: D
            Share Type: Directory tree (0)
            Share Comment: D drive
        Share C
            Share Name: C
            Share Type: Directory tree (0)
            Share Comment: C drive
        Share PRINTER$
            Share Name: PRINTER$
            Share Type: Directory tree (0)
            Share Comment: 
        Share HP560C
            Share Name: HP560C
            Share Type: Printer queue (1)
            Share Comment: HP Deskjet 560 C Color Printer
        Share IPC$
            Share Name: IPC$
            Share Type: IPC (3)
            Share Comment: Remote Inter Process Communication

So the share type is listed in then entry.
0 : directory
1 : printer queue
2 : ??
3 : IPC

Michael (Schulze): You know Java.  Can you take a look at the code and see
how jCIFS is deriving the value you are getting?  It may be that you need
to ask the object for the share type as a separate step.  I have to admit
I'm not familiar with that bit of code.  Well, I'm not up-to-date on a lot
of the code because I've been busy writing documentation.  :)

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