[jcifs] some rework

Dmitry Khlonin dmitry at khlonins.com
Wed Jul 10 06:44:55 EST 2002

Michael B. Allen wrote:

>On Sun, 07 Jul 2002 01:59:05 +0400
>Dmitry Khlonin <dmitry at khlonins.com> wrote:
>>I used jcifs as library for developing web-interface for SMB-gate and
>>was disappointed by schema of getting entries from SmbFile (for group, 
>>host and directory)
>>There is only method *String list()* - and nothing like common interface 
>>for returning entries
>>of jcifs.smb.NetServerEnum2Response$ServerInfo1, 
>>jcifs.smb.NetShareEnumResponse$ShareInfo1 and
>>I have some patches for jcifs code and
>>I think it might be useful.
>In  theory,  everything  should be available through listFiles(). You might
>successfully  argue  that  an addtional SmbFile.getXxx() method is required
>but Share or Directory specific interfaces are not necessary and would only
>lead to confusion. 
sorry, I already have find and using this method. But in this case how I 
may know some about object in this array?
need some methods like isShare and isHost for addition to isFile, is 
Directory, isWorkgroup.
Isn't it?

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