[jcifs] SMB URL

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Mon Jul 8 11:26:22 EST 2002

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> From:	Conrad Minshall [SMTP:conrad at apple.com]
> >- In the current draft, you can specify:
> >
> >    smb://<NetBIOS_NAME>.<ScopeID>
> >
> >  I'm thinking that it would be better to disallow the specification of
> >  the scope in the server field.  Instead, you would have to write the
> >  above as:
> >
> >    smb://<NetBIOS_NAME>?SCOPE=<ScopeID>
> URLs, once created, are likely to persist.  So code for the "dot" form will
> persist.  The "dot" form seems to povide all the functionality, so why add
> complexity, by having an alternate form?
	Without scope a name can be resolved 3 ways; it's a FQDN, a workgroup name,
	or a NetBIOS server name. This requires two queries (presumably concurrent) to
	determine if the name is a workgroup name or a NetBIOS server name times 2 if
	the name is also queried for using broadcast vs unicast and depending on the
	resolve order and the success of name querys, a DNS lookup too (this doesn't
	consider an lmhosts file lookup b/c it's very cheap). Now add scope. It can be all
	of the above but the 4 possible NetBIOS queries become much more because a
	name like foo.bar.com could be a server name of foo with scope bar.com or server
	foo.bar with scope com. Considering I have never actually seen anyone ever use
	scope I think it would be better if we leave if out of the authority component.


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