[jcifs] named pipes like with mkfifo

Brett B. Tofel Brett.B.Tofel at Dartmouth.EDU
Thu Jan 24 07:36:10 EST 2002

--- You wrote:
See the Named Pipes documentation here:
http://jcifs.samba.org/src/docs/pipes.html. Follow the MS link to their
API docs and look into Anonymous Named Pipes. They don't work like UNIX
named pipes though. You have to use a Pipe call and you cannot do stuff
like redirect IO with '|' in the shell. Also, I bet you 5 beans you
don't want to use named pipes. You should be using sockets.
--- end of quote ---
thanks for the snappy reply. i did read pipes.html from cover to cover and the
link to the MS API is busted. 

I am pretty sure anonymous pipes are not what i want since they only work with
related processes.

and here's the problem with sockets: I need any old Windows program that would
like to take a file for an output source to be tricked into instead writing to a
pipe so I can read it and do stuff with what it is writing there. Now I still
hold out hope for tricking the average program into writing to named pipe, but
how on earth would i get it to write to a socket if all i have is user access to
the executable?
but basically are you really saying that i am barking up the wrong tree? i'll
never get the functionality I describe on Windows via pipes, named or anonymous.
I won't be able to have a regular file which functions as a pipe i.e. accessible
in userland and not needing to be written to programatically to work?


ps: yes, i seem to be whining "this dang windows ain't no unix" but i just
worked out a sweet solution to my problem of working with an off-the-shelf app
under unix using pipes and I really want to use very similar code to do the same
under windows...

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