[jcifs] Plusses, again.

Rob Wygand rob at wygand.com
Thu Jan 24 06:11:00 EST 2002

I've done some additional testing... if I pre-encode the URL (that is, I 
use a StringTokenizer to get e each part of the path and then call 
URLEncoder.encode() on each part,then reassemble the path) to:

SmbFile x = new SmbFile ("smb://server/share/dir%2Bname");

I can call listFiles() and everything works! However, attempting the 
mkdir as I described below still results in the plus being converted to 
a space, even when pre-encoded by me.


Rob Wygand wrote:
> Hey Mike,
> I'm seeing that plusses are being mangled again... when I try the 
> following:
>   SmbFile x = new SmbFile ("smb://server/share/1+2").mkdir();
> jCIFS actually creates a directory named "1 2" instead of "1+2". 
> however, x.getCanonicalPath() properly shows "smb://server/share/1+2".
> They also being mishandled in list... that is, if I try the following:
>   SmbFile x = new SmbFile ("smb://server/share/dir+name");
>   SmbFile[] = x.listFiles()
> I get a File does not exist operation... I've checked that the directory 
> does indeed exist however.
> This was working in previous betas, so something has changed recently 
> causing this to break again... I know that you changed the 
> encoding/decoding process somewhat. Thoughts?
> rjw

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