[jcifs] troubles with switching to dir

Dmitry surfer at ok.ru
Mon Jan 14 19:53:13 EST 2002

i have BC++3.11 dir (exacly in that view)
how could i switch to there?

i've tried to urlencode  path but sometimes it works 
sometimes not

ps: i'll try to give you exacly exception trace sm hrs 
pps: definitly at this moment package has a troubles with 
urlencoded paths...
i've experimented about day with combination of b5 and b8 
classes and they crashed on different dirs. i've found 
suitable variant by changing SmbTransport class in b8 to 
b5 version and everything worked fine except one bug on 
one directory (only one dir, and others like it is ok - 
that strange) 

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