[jcifs] Re: Bug Fixing

Tsvetan Nachev ts_nachev at prosyst.bg
Tue Jan 8 01:10:08 EST 2002

Hi Mike,
I've just tried the new b6 and I'm glad to tell you that by now I still
haven't got that Invalid UID exception. I've put a synchronized block but
with b5 i still got it. But as far as in b6 is alright I'm satisfied enough
with the result. Thank you!!!

As about the problem with the missing shares. Is it a problem with share
names longer than 13 symbols only when these shares are at the top level
 e.g \\server\share ), because there are files with names much longer than
the 13 symbols you've mentioned and they are returned without any problems?

Best Regards,
Tsvetan Nachev
ProSyst Bulgaria Ltd., mBBuilder PGUI, programmer

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