[jcifs] Oh, those wacky plusses.

Rob Wygand rob at filefish.com
Fri Jan 4 10:16:02 EST 2002


Discovered an odd one. Generally, creating SmbFile's from a string that 
contains plusses, works. For example, if I do:

	x = new SmbFile ("smb://server/share/HR+Recruiting");

I can do anything with that SmbFile... write to it's input stream, call 
mkdir on it, whatever.  but if I do this:

	x = new SmbFile ("smb://server/share/HR+Recruiting");
	y = new smbFile (x, "foo");

The last fails exceptionally, claiming that the path is invalid. When I 
print out y.getCanonicalPath(), the + has been URLDecoded() away.

This isn't be design is it? It works in one case and not the other...

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