[jcifs] Re: SMB URL encoding/decoding

James Nord teilo at teilo.net
Sun Feb 24 14:45:16 EST 2002

Michael B Allen wrote:

>On Sun, 24 Feb 2002 04:01:24 +0100
>James Nord <teilo at teilo.net> wrote:
>>>above is true (which may be your point). You cannot count certain
>>>characters. The password field could have three ':' or fifteen '@'s in
>>>it. It can have anything. *That's* the real problem.
>>No it can not.
>In jcifs SMB URL it can.
And so jcifs SMB URL is not in sync with the SMB url draft 

I think me and Chris have been talking about the latter and you the 

>>again password != password field
>Again, assuming it's encoded.
>>the password field cannot contain any of,
>>      reserved      = ";" | "/" | "?" | ":" | "@" | "&" | "=" | "+" |
>>                      "$" | ","
>I happen to use @ in my passwords quite a bit though. Certainly more than
>in path names. 
I have seen @'s in files, yes it's less comon than in passwords.

>If it were not for seti at home no one would care. 
>But if URL
>encoding the password ok with everyone then we can do that.
IMHO this is definatly the way to go.  Although you then have to 
urlencode/decode in places I think the SmbURL class should be a lot more 
streamlined because of it.


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