[jcifs] no name with type 0x00 with no scope for host

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Fri Feb 22 10:14:37 EST 2002

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> One recurring theme in the NetBIOS chapter of my book is the interplay
> between theory and practice.  My weakness in writing the book is that I am
> heavy on the theory side.  You and some of the folks on the Samba Team are
> further over on the practice side.  This is really kewl.  It works for the
> same reason that having two eyes works better than having one.
	When it comes to NetBIOS theory is completely different from practice. You
	really have to just look at the wire and take RFC 1002 with a grain of salt. I really
	wish you would spend more time on CIFS internals.


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