[jcifs] win XP vs win 2000

Steven French sfrench at us.ibm.com
Thu Feb 21 11:01:15 EST 2002

XP and Win2K look fairly similar from the SMB perspective both as a client
and a server.   One visible difference is the native operating system field
(which is basically just an informational string but it can be useful)
returned in the negotiate protocol response by any SMB/CIFS server
including Win2K and WinXP (and sent from the client in the SessionSetup
request).    I doubt that this field is very usefully displayed by external
management tools but there is at least a level 3 Samba debug message (in
the Samba source code in the file source/smbd/sesssetup.c)  which displays
this information.    Search in the file source/smbd/sesssetup.c for
"native_os" and "native_lanman" and you will see where to put the check for
the two types of clients.

Another slightly harder approach would be to use the new "net" utility to
do a RAP or RPC request to request the target server (XP or Win2K) version

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