[jcifs] win XP vs win 2000

Ian Charnas icc at po.cwru.edu
Thu Feb 21 22:52:56 EST 2002

I believe so. Try the following:
smbclient -L //computer
(replace "computer" with the name of a windows XP computer on your
In the first few lines of output, it should tell you (to a certain degree
of accuracy) which Operating System the server is running.

We are happy to help, though you may wish to direct samba-specific
questions to the samba mailing list. This is a mailing list for a Java
implementation of the "windows networking" protocol which microsoft boldly
called CIFS, the common internet file system. Samba is a C implementation
of the same thing, and their mailing list can be found on their website --

Hope this helps,
-Ian Charnas

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Subject: [jcifs] win XP vs win 2000

This is bit off way topic but I guess this list must be having some
experts who know this.
I have been looking for a way to differentiate between Windows XP and
Windows 2000 PCs.
Can Samba help me in this regard ?


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