[jcifs] no name with type 0x00 with no scope for host

Christopher R.Hertel crh at ubiqx.org
Thu Feb 21 09:47:22 EST 2002

Let me see if I can summarize...

If I'm trying to get status from an NBT node by IP address then
  - If the remote node does respond, the I probably just wanted the list
    of names.
  - If it does not respond, then I don't care if no <00> name exists.  I
    didn't ask that question.  I asked for status.  If the status is "the
    node's not answering" that's fine.

If I'm trying to get status from an NBT node by name, then
  - If the name cannot be resolved, the I want to know that it could not
    be resolved.  It may be worth-while to let me know which suffix was
    (or list of suffices were) tried so that I can specify a different
    suffix to try.

  - If the name resolves, via DNS or WINS or NBT broadcast, then we are
    back to an IP address.  Send the query.  If we get no response, then
    I want to an error response that says "No reply from node <name>."  I
    don't really care which suffix the name has, since the query wasn't
    sent based on the suffix.

Again, none of this is glacial in magnitude.  Just thinklings.

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