[jcifs] jCIFS and WebNFS (and now JAAS...)

Brian Topping brian at ponoi.com
Tue Feb 19 11:55:46 EST 2002

Quoting rjw <rob at wygand.com>:

> I don't really think that helps you all that much in the A&A areas, 
> though. From what I understand, that's going to require some big 
> additions to the jcifs.smb package...

Indeed.  I've had way too short a time on this project to be having any amazing 
architectural moments to be proud of, but the client isn't too keen on artistic 
expression right now...

Regardless, I started taking a look at JAAS over the last hour or so and 
started to ponder whether it might be an appropriate wrapper for FS transports  
(WebNFS/jCIFS/etc).  The idea that I am pondering is whether the method calls 
of the specific FS transports should be wrapped as JAAS PrivilegedActions, then 
leverage JAAS to take care of the grimy details in A&A.  In my half-baked 
understanding of JAAS and the state of the FS transports, they compliment each 
other almost precisely with their respective levels of completion and areas of 
competency.  I'm not too intimate with any of the protocol exchanges though, so 
I need to bone up a little there too.

I'm going to keep hammering on this track, but I am certainly interested in 
comments if I have been breathing too many fumes all day :)



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