[jcifs] Annoying SMB URL question.

Matthew Tippett matthew at casero.com
Sat Dec 7 07:51:52 EST 2002

I agree that it is easier to read.  I intended to take the 'intuitive' 
discussion to it's logical extreme and then work back from there.  The ;
notation is fine, apart from if we need to pull apart DOMAIN\User to 
build a user, only to rebiuld it at the end.

Nuff said on my behalf, I will let the powers that be (or at least have 
gone through the effort of writing a spec :) make the ultimate decision.


Conrad Minshall wrote:
> At 11:54 AM -0600 12/6/02, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:
>>>  Which begs the question, if the domain is used for authentication,
>>>  not leave the user field in the userinfo section of the URL as
>>>    DOMAIN%5Cuser
>>>  Since the domain is an integral part of the credentials.
>> The application (the client parsing the URL string and converting it
>> SMB calls) needs to parse the NTDomain from the username.  You are
>> that we could have chosen to separate the two using an escaped
>> or, perhaps an escaped percent sign.  Instead, we found that the
>> semi-colon did not need to be escaped in the username field and could
>> used as a separator.
>> It just seemed easier and more readable to use the semicolon.
> Yes.  Having all separators unescaped means I can look at a URL and 
> ignore escape sequences rather than doing a hex to char on each to see
> if it is important.


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