[jcifs] Annoying SMB URL question.

Conrad Minshall conrad at apple.com
Sat Dec 7 07:43:32 EST 2002

At 11:54 AM -0600 12/6/02, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:

>>  Which begs the question, if the domain is used for authentication, why
>>  not leave the user field in the userinfo section of the URL as
>>    DOMAIN%5Cuser
>>  Since the domain is an integral part of the credentials.
>The application (the client parsing the URL string and converting it into
>SMB calls) needs to parse the NTDomain from the username.  You are right
>that we could have chosen to separate the two using an escaped backslash
>or, perhaps an escaped percent sign.  Instead, we found that the
>semi-colon did not need to be escaped in the username field and could be
>used as a separator.
>It just seemed easier and more readable to use the semicolon.

Yes.  Having all separators unescaped means I can look at a URL and 
ignore escape sequences rather than doing a hex to char on each to 
see if it is important. 

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