[jcifs] MSBROWSE ?

J.Sugrue at pilz.ie J.Sugrue at pilz.ie
Fri Sep 21 18:13:39 EST 2001

Just wondering, would it be possible to avoid this problem, by just getting
one of the domains of my machine, and checking that MSBROWSE is not being

Without using SmbCrawler would it be possible to get the domain that this
machine belongs to?


James Sugrue
PILZ Ireland Industrial Automation

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Is it MSBROWSE or <01><02>__MSBROWSE__<02><01>?

The "<01><02>__MSBROWSE__<02><01>" name (where the numbers in brackets are
hex byte values) is a special group name registered by all "Browsers".  A
browser is either a Local Master Browser or a Local Backup Browser...a
machine on the local LAN that has a copy of the browse list.

What jCIFS is doing is sending a group name query to the local LAN looking
for any/all systems that have registered the special
"<01><02>__MSBROWSE__<02><01>" name.  It will then query these machines to
find the browse list so that it knows what workgroups are available.

Anyway, that's the general background.  If/When Mike has some free time he
can probably give better details on what jCIFS is actually doing in a step
by step fashion.  (Mike is involved in the clean-up and recovery effort in
New York.)

Anyway, the root of problem you are seeing is probably the fact that your
second host is multi-homed (two network cards).  I would need to know more
about the configuration of those two networks to provide any good guesses,
but it may be that the request is only going out one of the interfaces, or
that jCIFS is only listening for replies on one interface.  I don't know
how much time Mike has had to work on multi-homed issues.

The thing about multi-homed hosts is that they were not covered in
RFC1001/1002, so Microsoft had to invent a solution.

Hope that helps.

Chris -)-----

On Thu, Sep 20, 2001 at 11:29:36AM +0100, J.Sugrue at pilz.ie wrote:
> hi.
> I am using the SmbCrawler to find the list of machines and domains on the
> network.
> On my machine it is fine, and finds our main domain, and then lists the
> machines on that domain.
> However, on another machine, with 2 network cards, I get MSBROWSE
> and an UnknownHostException.
> Why would it be returning MSBROWSE, or what is MSBROWSE?
> thanks
> James

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