[jcifs] NbtAddress.getByName() failing when I use a hostname.

Rob Wygand rob at wygand.com
Fri Sep 7 09:17:30 EST 2001

Hey all,

I'm seeing some weirdness with NbtAddress.getByName().

Namely, when I call NbtAddress.getByName ("") everything is 

However, *sometimes* when I call NbtAddress.getByName 
("ocean.filefish.com") an unknown host exception gets thrown. I say 
sometimes, but I can reproduce is very consistently in my environment. 
Once I throw this exception once, it seems like I can never again 
resolve the name until I re-initialze my application.

Any thoughts on this? Has anyone else noticed any wierdness here? Any 
thoughts about what/where I should poke and prod?


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