[jcifs] Web interface around JCIFS?

Gabriel Lawrence gabe at landq.org
Sat Sep 1 05:27:12 EST 2001

So what would be really good is to create a tag library that performs 
common SMB activities. These tag libraries can then be incorporated into 
any JSP. This would allow for a nice abstraction between model and view. 
At least that's what Sun thinks, and let people plug this into larger 
J2EE apps... I bet this would be pretty neat in all those portal 
toolkits everybody seems to be selling these days.

Just my $0.02

Michael B. Allen wrote:

> I think JSP is supposed to provide this absraction but I don't know a lot
> about it (or modern web programming in general). I think it would be great
> to be able to customize the display though. Consitering the content
> doesn't change much (directory listing, mime type icons a la Internet
> Neigborhood), you could just specify a template file or boiler plates
> that define the look? You hardly need anything elaborate like JSP for that.

There is a fine line between coincidence and destiny.

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