SV: [jcifs] BFS vs DFS

Torgny Johansson torgny.johansson at
Thu Jul 26 18:52:43 EST 2001

What is the best thing to do then?
I've written a crawler that just lists all the computers in the workgroups
from top to bottom (currently not threaded) and it takes very long time to
do a full "crawl". About 11 hours for 430 pcs (far from every pc have
shares) and that seems all too long. My code probably (read most
certainly...) not optimized, so briefly; which is the way to go to create an
efficient crawler?

Torgny Johansson

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I wrote:

> try to minimize the size of your active list of URLs to
> search and therefore the number of URLs that might suddenly become invalid
> by using a Breath First Search algorithm.

This is not true. BFS would be awfull for an SmbCrawler.


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