[distcc] distcc never hits the other machine?

Łukasz Tasz lukasz at tasz.eu
Thu Oct 12 11:09:35 UTC 2017

1. no
2. there might be a lot of places where you can misslead your
configuration, sending how you did it might help
distcc_log migt be also helpfull, set export DISTCC_VERBOSE=1
DISTCC_LOG=path+to+file there is everything you need to debug.
3. yes, just set export  DISTCC_FALLBACK=0 and inside DISTCC_HOSTS set only
second machine.


Łukasz Tasz

2017-10-10 3:32 GMT+02:00 Tim Aerts via distcc <distcc at lists.samba.org>:

> Hi,
> I have two powerful Mac Pro machines. One is an 8-core, the other one is a
> 12-core. Obviously, I would like to leverage all that power when I'm
> building our enormous project from Xcode.
> So, I set up ccache on both Mac Pros. I can verify it is working
> correctly. It really speeds up repetitive builds on the same machine. I see
> correct stats using ccache -s. Then, I made it use distcc. It also works,
> but distccmon-text always appears to say localhost. So I conclude that it
> never actually uses the second machine. :(
> I don't think it's my network/firewall. Because I can successfully netcat
> into the second machine from the first, using only its name and the default
> port.
> 1. Could it be that the machine is simply too strong by itself, so that it
> won't need the second one?
> 2. What else could be wrong? Any idea to what I might be missing? Maybe I
> need to increase the value ccache -j returns somehow? (It is always 4 now,
> which distcc seams to honour).
> 3. Is there any way to force it to use the other machine? (I tried
> localhost/0 but that appears to be a parsing error these days, or at least
> on macOS).
> Thanks in advance!
> — Tim
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