[distcc] distcc never hits the other machine?

Tim Aerts taerts at apple.com
Tue Oct 10 01:32:01 UTC 2017


I have two powerful Mac Pro machines. One is an 8-core, the other one is a 12-core. Obviously, I would like to leverage all that power when I'm building our enormous project from Xcode.

So, I set up ccache on both Mac Pros. I can verify it is working correctly. It really speeds up repetitive builds on the same machine. I see correct stats using ccache -s. Then, I made it use distcc. It also works, but distccmon-text always appears to say localhost. So I conclude that it never actually uses the second machine. :(

I don't think it's my network/firewall. Because I can successfully netcat into the second machine from the first, using only its name and the default port.

1. Could it be that the machine is simply too strong by itself, so that it won't need the second one?

2. What else could be wrong? Any idea to what I might be missing? Maybe I need to increase the value ccache -j returns somehow? (It is always 4 now, which distcc seams to honour).

3. Is there any way to force it to use the other machine? (I tried localhost/0 but that appears to be a parsing error these days, or at least on macOS).

Thanks in advance!

— Tim

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