[distcc] Alternatives to -j parallel

Richard Beare richard.beare at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 02:11:59 UTC 2016

I'm having a few problems using distcc for a large project on the circleCI
infrastructure, which has 4GB limits for the compilation hosts.

Occasionally I see this limit being exceeded when 2 link jobs run on the
main server at the same time. This happens despite the --localslots=1 and
localhost/1 settings in the distcc hosts file.

I suspect the problem is that the large and complex cmake project that is
being built has its own link mechanism. So my question is whether there is
an alternative way to pass the parallel option to distcc besides make -jN?
This would allow the other compile steps that might not be under distcc
control to run serially on the local host.

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